Half Joke/Half Truth

● Exhibition period: March 13th - March 18th, 2021
● Exhibition venue: Mapo Gallery, Seoul
● Exhibition planning:  
This exhibition calls for creative writing prompts based on personal experiences related to the theme of "meal," told in a lighthearted and humorous tone. While the stories may be funny, they are also true. The audience is encouraged to find the keywords provided in the accompanying pamphlet, which serve as toggle switches for the imagery of the piece. Through this exhibition, we aim to discuss the role of meals in our lives, as well as the emotions and memories that food evokes, and to stimulate conversations and reflections among the visitors. The exhibition will be composed of various media, such as visual arts, interactive installations.
The keywords include: "A meal for the dead, paying for the meal of the living", "Longing for closeness", "Eating alone, without background music or strong emotions, a soulless meal", "The struggle of trying to eat healthier, this life has too many delicious things to resist", "Food and its role in movies", and " , "Genre on the table".

Poster Credit ⓒIda Hong

Yellow Faucet, Pencil on paper, W: 10 x 14.8cm ⓒoimizi
Mapo Gallery, Seoul ⓒoimizi
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